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Into Pieces


Into Pieces adresses the theme `unity and plurality`. When do many be ONE? When does the ONE fall back to many? Also, how can a unity be suddenly more than the plurality of it's parts?

The group members come together, for a moment the most different body parts seem to belong to a creature-like whole. It appears as if this being cannot exist without all of it's parts.

Should one part fail, the structure collapses; the individuals stand there lost, as if as single bodies they appear LESS.

Like cells the dancers separate, then unite, almost unconsciously, and like a cog wheel the actions and scenes merge into each other and transmit the feeling of unbroken progression.

The atmosphere is enhanced by the unbroken music of Christian Fischer (Tim Puma Mimi), which generates a drive forwards into new depths.

How does the mechanism function? Where is the movement source, the motor and heart which can send this forward impulse without hindrance through several bodies? What laws govern it? What is the stimulus in this timeless space, where the projection of the globe stands like a moon in the heaven?


Into Pieces was created in February 2014 for the Mixed Pickles Programm at ROXY in Birsfelden.


Dancers Stefanie Fischer, Zoe Gyssler, Margarita Kennedy, Clea Onori, Rosie Terry Toogood

Music Christian Fischer

Dramaturgy Yves Regenass

Video Grischa Schwank, Alessandro Schiattarella

Photos Christian Glaus, Roland Schmid

Animation Jesse Lisser



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