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Inspired by the holistic worldview Bufo Makmal attempts in its dance performance to portray the one as the whole, the diverging, the seperated and everything in between. The choreography of the young group draws out something not quite final. Moving out of inertia creates a shimmering continuity, a fusion of bodies into a complete whole. Fluctuating between time and space and in the next minute bursting and splitting apart. Mechanical comformity stands opposite developing harmony, and above all lies a rising and pulsating texture.


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Premiere 16. December 2014 at Roxy Birsfelden.

Tanzplan Ost Festival tour in autumn 2016.

Performing Dates: 

24. Aug: Lokremise St. Gallen

2. Sep: TanzRaum Herisau

16. Sep: Tanzhaus Zürich

4. Nov: TAK Theater Liechtenstein

19. November: Tanzzeit Festival-Theater, am Gleis, Winterthur

25. Nov: Theater Chur

Dancers Stefanie Fischer, Zoe Gyssler, Margarita Kennedy, Clea Onori, Rosie Terry Toogood

Music Christian Fischer

Dramaturgy Yves Regenass

Outside Eye Edan Gorlicki

Light Design Michael Eigenmann

Visuals Lukas Pulver

Produktion Pascal Moor

Costume Romy Springsguth

Photo Susana Bruell, Jonas Schaffter



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