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Teaching dance the last twelve years I gained a variety of experience with professional dancers, non dancers, disabled and blind people, children, teenagers and seniors. Working in these different contexts with people from various cultures and countries, taught me to share the beauty of simplicity. I love sharing my passion to dance in a natural and fresh way. My contemporary classes differ depending on context, age and level. I focus on dance techniques like bodyweight, momentum, folding in and out into extensions, spirals and dynamics, establishing strength, coordination, flexibility and speed. I like to offer different movement qualities, discovering deep physicality and the sensibility of the body. Flow and musicality are approached through exercises moving through space. My teaching is inspired by incorporating our anatomical

understanding of our body.



Teaching Experience:


Masterclass Campo Danza Ticino `Quantum Improvisation Strategies`, Losone

Balancing Alignmennt, Basel

Sommerkurs Contemporary, Atelier 17, Solothurn

Workshop about `violence and rassism`, Interlaken

Arnhem, Holland


blind people: Sehbehindertenverband, disabled people: Insieme Bildungsclub Basel, Education projects in schools, dance-moves-kids, Festivals Steps Migroskulturprozent, Bern / Basel, seniors

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