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               Past  Workshops





March 2016

 Margarita Kennedy is giving an Openclass & Workshop Interim

Company Rary

at Ariry Andriamoatsiresy Studio in Antananarivo, Madagascar



28.Sep - 28.Oct 2015

Margarita Kennedy will teach Contemporary Classes at the Rural Dance Centre in Mpumalanga, South Africa. She is participating the Rural Outreach Programm and the Artistic Residency, including movement research, practise and production with dancers of Forgotten Angle Theatre Collective.







Upcoming Workshops

20-21 April 2017


Tanzraum, Basel

Rosie Terry Toogood

g a z e and ZOOMing in——zoomING OUT


17 March 2016

Margarita Kennedy & Clea Onori & Rosie Terry Toogood

Workshops for schoolkids

Bufo Makmal Into pieces repertoire

im Rahmen von Reso Tanzfaktor





February 2016

Margarita Kennedy is giving an Openclass & Workshop with Bufo Makmal repertoire

Company Panaibra Gabriel Canda

at CulturArte in Maputo, Mozambique


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