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rosie terry toogood

rosie’s fascination to work with movement is drawn to the idea of creating a place filled with awareness in which you deal with what is there at the moment. During the class we approach bones and bodyweight,  folding in and out into extensions, spirals and dynamics. Rosie likes to offer different movement qualities, discovering deep physicality and the sensitivity of the body. Flow and musicality are approached by moving through space. Rosie is a Pilates teacher too and works from a soft place with structure to develop in to a stretched and enlarged version of our patterns to also discover new ones.

g  a  z  e

how can we focus on details of the eyes resting whilst reaching for far away movements, what else can our gaze lead us in and out of?

                 ZOOMing in——zoomING OUT

we play with how we can shift in the space that surrounds us as well as within ourselves, from trying to push our textured body through space trying to enlarge our peripheries to closing the space between our own body parts, limbs and skin. Statues and constellation of a group and individuals both close and far to find out what distance can do to perspective, and to challenge the size of ourselves and the room we’re in.








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