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Treeles is a microorganism in the evening length production VIEL.ES by the dance collective Bufo Makmal. It’s a trio out of ‘many' and it is the ‘It' in the many. It’s the result of a research by Bufo Makmal whilst investigating the topic of unity and diversity. It is growing roots and falling trees, it is entanglement and it’s arms like branches, it is an encounter, it is flying, it’s being a child, it is conflict and yielding, it is clarity, and it’s insisting and believing in connection.

Choreography and Dance: Clea Onori, Rosie Terry Toogood, Margarita Kennedy

Concept: Bufo Makmal Violine: Niklaus Vogel (Basel), Laura Schuler (Winterthur)

Photographs: Brigitte Fässler (Tanzfest Basel)

4. May, 17h         

Tanzfest Basel


5. May, 11.45h

Tanzfest Winterthur

Villa Sträuli







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