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Stefanie Fischer

was born in Zürich and completed her dance education at Tanzakademie Zürich in 2006.

One Year before her graduation she won first Prize at Prix de Solothurn and was suported for three years by the Migros Kultur Prozent Scholarship.

She became a member of Ballet Kiel, were she danced in creations from Nils Christe, Christopher Bruce, Itzik Galili, Mario Schröder, Birgit Scherzer, Philip Egli, Jochen Heckmann, amongst others.

Since 2012 she Performed in various productions in Switzerland, Austria and Germany, is a member of the Cathy Sharp Dance Ensemble and the Passion RED Collective.

She co-founded BUFO MAKMAL and was involved in "We don't create a Piece but we Hug a Plan", "Into Pieces" and "ALL.ES". She is currently part of the ensemble of Stadttheater St. Gallen and still involved in performing "Into Pieces" and "ALL.ES" in 2016.


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