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Clea Onori

participated in the Gaga Teachers Program with the Batsheva Dance Company in Tel Aviv/, Israel 2011/2012. She studied Contemporary Dance in the University of Arts in Zürich and Contemporary Dance, Improvisation and Performance in Bewegungs-Art in Freiburg, Germany. As a child she took courses in Capoeira, Hip-Hop, Breakdance, Modern Dance, African Dance and theater. 

She mainly works in choreographer/dancer-collectives such the international group Augustine but also regularly collaborates with various artists from different fields such as music, video art and theater and co­created, among others the short pieces Protect yourself/Toe the line/Hello Love.
Clea Onori works as a choreographer, dancer and teacher and lives in Basel. She co-founded Bufo Makmal and was producing and creating We don't create a Piece but we Hug a Plan, Into Pieces, ALL.ES and VIEL.ES. 

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