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Zoe Gyssler

she was born in Basel and grew up in Spain. After a long training in gymnastics Zoe went on to contemporary dance formation in Barcelona, Spain. Later on she studied in the Music and Dance Academy in Jerusalem, where she formed part of the Repertory Dance Ensemble JADE, which performed pieces by Sharon Eyal, Vertigo, Johan Inger and others.

Back in Switzerland she worked as a freelancer for the Cathy Sharp Dance Ensemble, Marcel Leemann, Edan Gorlicki, made her own work and worked in the field of dance pedagogy. 2013 she co-founded Bufo Makmal and created together with the collective „Into Pieces“ and „ALL.ES“. Shortly after receiving her BA in Anthropology of Cultures and Sport Science in 2015, she joined the Dance Company of Staatstheater Kassel under the direction of Johannes Wieland. She performed in „You will be removed“, „Ereignishorizont“ by Johannes Wieland and „After Lethe“ by Maxine Doyle. Zoe is still involved in Production and Public Relations for Bufo Makmal.

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